Moving On (The Somerley Collection) by Marcie Steele @marcie_steele

Book Description:

Welcome to the market town of Somerley, with an emotional, feel-good story about acceptance, family values and the importance of feeling safe and loved.

Maria has a wonderful life. Together with her daughters, Lucy and Clara, she runs a successful estate agency, priding herself in matching the right properties to the right people – even if she has yet to find the ideal home for herself.

But behind the happy exterior, Maria is anxious about her fiftieth birthday coming up. She’s feeling, well, less excited and more than a little terrified about how life is running away from her.

For a birthday treat, Lucy and Clara have planned five ‘nostalgic’ dates for her and their dad, to remind them of when they first fell in love. But Maria barely has time for the here and now, never mind a cringeworthy wistful jump back to the past. All she wants is to find that perfect nest to settle down in, no matter how many moves it takes.

The Wilshaw women are a close-knit family, so when tragedy strikes at the heart of the home, Maria is shocked at how easy the potential to lose everything becomes.

Will Maria realise that perhaps it’s better to accept herself as she is rather than move house again? And in doing so, can she change her outlook on life for good?

The perfect antidote to a difficult day. Pour yourself a cup of tea and settle down into this lovely feel good story.’ Imogen Clark

While this is the fourth book in The Somerley Series, It can also be enjoyed as a standalone. If you love an uplifting story, then Moving On is the perfect read. For fans of Milly Johnson, Jill Mansell, Hannah Ellis, Imogen Clark, Rachael Lucas and Susanne O’Leary.

My Thoughts:

Maria has a milestone birthday coming up of which is reminding her of how old she is getting and along with age, the issues that comes with it. I have to applaud the author for bringing up the topic of the menopause. It’s something for years that hasn’t been much talked about and finding out recently for myself what it is like, I couldn’t relate to Maria and her best friend Sal more. Whilst some parts make light of the subject, I think Maria especially highlights the changes it can bring on and how hard it can be for someone trying to make sense of it all and deal with it.

The story flicks between Maria and her two daughters, Clara and Lucy. All three women have their own things going on in their lives but what really stands out is the bond and true meaning of family. I loved how close knit they are all especially as Maria and her daughters all work together which sometime can be a recipe for disaster.

I loved a lot of the characters in the story and I found I could relate so much to Maria and was envious of her job as well as her “itchy feet”. It had me wanting to put my house up for sale and start searching the internet as visions of a new home entered my head. Once I finished the book, it actually hit me that the title couldn’t be more perfect and that there was real meaning in the storyline that a lot of us could take heed of and learn from.

Moving On was such a heart-warming read that I didn’t want to end. It’s a real feel good read that is a reminder of what is important in life and will leave you feeling on a high. Whilst this is part of The Somerley Series, its a complete standalone novel and I am praying that the author writes more as the characters always manage to steal the reader’s heart and I love the pure escapism it gives me. A wonderful story that left me feeling all warm and rosy inside,

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