The Catch by T.M. Logan @TMLoganAuthor @ZaffreBooks

Book Description:

She says he’s perfect. I know he’s lying . . .

He caught me watching, and our eyes met. That was when it hit me.
There was something not quite right about my daughter’s new boyfriend . . .

The doting father

Ed finally meets his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time. Smart, successful and handsome, Ryan appears to be a real catch. Then Abbie announces their plan to get married.

The perfect fiancé

There’s just one problem. Ed thinks Ryan is lying to them.

Who would you believe?

All of Ed’s instincts tell him his daughter is in terrible danger – but no-one else can see it. With the wedding date approaching fast, Ed sets out to uncover Ryan’s secrets, before it’s too late . . .

My Thoughts:

I am a big believer in following your gut instinct of which Ed feels an instant dislike for Ryan, his daughter’s new boyfriend. Only problem for Ed is that he is on his own with his thinking. He isn’t quite sure what it is about Ryan but he knows he isn’t right for his daughter. At times you wonder if he is just an overly possessive dad as Ryan seems like the perfect catch but Ed is determined to prove that he is right.

Ed is like a dog with a bone who just won’t let go. I started to worry about his mental state as he becomes obsessed with Ryan’s every move and finding some sort of chink in his armour. His behaviour gets more erratic and the sense of dread in my stomach got worse the more I read. It’s one of those stories that has you tearing through the pages to see who is right but gives you the sixth sense that something bad is going to happen and knowing it’s only a matter of time before it does.

Wow, The Catch by T.M. Logan had my heart racing. It is so cleverly plotted that the twists and turns had me feeling exhilarated whilst taking my breath away. Am sure my blood pressure must have been through the roof whilst reading it as I went through so many emotions that by the end, I felt like I had just stepped off of the waltzers! This is only the second of the author’s novels I have read and oh boy this one was a belter. His others are definitely going on my must read pile. Intensely thrilling, will send shivers down your spine!

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