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Hopeful Hearts at the Cornish Cove by Kim Nash @BoldwoodBooks @KimTheBookworm @rararesources

Book Description:

A perfect new start in Cornwall…

Meredith’s life is at a standstill. She’s stuck in a dead-end job, approaching fifty, and her dating life is a string of disasters. But one evening, while browsing the internet, she sees an ad for a lighthouse, and in a moment of impulsiveness, she makes a ridiculous bid for it.

With the help of local handyman Clem, she sets about renovating. And as they work together, a bond begins to form. But when Meredith finds out that Clem is keeping a secret from her, it changes everything. Will they find a way to build something more meaningful together?

A delightful story about community, friendship and having the courage to start over, perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Milly Johnson and Lucy Dillon.

My Thoughts:

Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a lighthouse? I know I have many a time. The only downside to it would be all the steps! I would need to have a lift for going upstairs lol.

I wasn’t sure if Meredith was mad or not to have bought a lighthouse more so with not seeing it first. When she arrives in the small village, she doesn’t get the warmest of welcomes with not being local and the lighthouse is a bigger project than she first thought. A lesser person would have probably given in and sold up and moved on.

There are lots of lovely characters who befriend Meredith and have her start to feel welcome and see herself staying there. The author writes the most fabulous descriptions of the surrounding areas and I especially loved the kind of bric a brac shop that I could see myself spending hours in with all the great finds that Meredith came away with. I found myself dreaming about what sort of things I would buy and how I would decorate the lighthouse and have to say Meredith’s design skills are way better than mine! It was like watching an episode of Grand Designs seeing it all come together. Of course credit also goes to the gorgeous Clem’s handy skills who will certainly set readers hearts racing!

Hopeful Hearts at the Cornish Cove is a delightful read that transported me to Cornwall with picturesque views, sandy beaches and the smell of the sea. You know that feeling that the sun gives you when you feel it warm on your skin? This is what this novel gave me. It made me feel all warm and up beat. Along with a heartwarming storyline, there are plenty of laugh out loud moments that I have started to expect from this author. I always come away from one of her books like I have just spent the most wonderful time with good friends as that’s how the characters end up feeling by the time I have reached the end of the book. A gorgeous, uplifting and fun read that everyone needs in their life!

Kim Nash is the author of uplifting, funny, heartwarming, romantic, feel-good fiction. She lives in Staffordshire with son Ollie and English Setter rescue dog Roni, is Digital Publicity Director for publisher Bookouture (division of Hachette UK), and is a book blogger at http://www.kimthebookworm.co.uk. When she’s not working or writing, Kim can be found walking her dog at Cannock Chase, reading, writing and binge-watching box sets on the TV.

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