Crime Thriller

Son of the Dead by M.A. Comley @ComleyMel

Book Description:

From NY Times best selling author of the Justice series, M A Comley, who has sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

A killer with a gruesome agenda.
A detective on a mission to prevent the killer from taking more lives.
A member of the team in danger whose life is left hanging in the balance.

When Hugh Blake is involved in a fatal accident outside his home, DI Sara Ramsey is left scratching her head, wondering if the incident was a simple accident or a senseless murder.

With no clues or evidence found at the crime scene, Sara and her team’s frustration mounts, that is…
Until the killer strikes again, this time closer to home.

Sara is forced to put her own life on the line as she tries to flush out the person committing these heinous random crimes before time runs out for a member of her team.

My Thoughts:

Tensions are usually high when working on cases due to the mounting pressure from the outside world but they seemed even higher in this recent book in the DI Sara Ramsey series. Even Sara and her partner who usually get on well are snapping at each other.

I don’t want to say too much about the storyline but the victims with this particular crime, well you can’t help but get annoyed with the killer at their actions and to kill innocent people whose jobs it is, is to help others. I had absolutely no sympathy for the killer as we see first hand why they are doing what they are doing but for Sara and her team, they have to work their backsides off to discover the truth.

As with any murder, this story is also a reminder that it isn’t just the victim whose life has been ruined but family and friends also become victims of these crimes as their lives are changed suddenly. The author highlights this in her books and it’s good that this side of things is shown as a reminder how death has a knock on affect in peoples lives.

Son of the Dead has you racing through the pages to see who the killer is going to target next. The storyline sends your emotions all over the place but mainly anger and sadness at the horrible crimes and the loss of lives. The pacing started off steady and kept on increasing and I didn’t want to stop until the killer was caught. These books are like your favourite packet of biscuits, you just can’t stop at one more chapter, before you know it you’ve devoured it all in one go!

My thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

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