Crime Thriller

The Bone House (A Slayton Thriller Book 3) by Caroline Mitchell @Caroline_writes @emblabooks

Book Description:

When hundreds of birds fall from the sky into Slayton’s lake in a terrifying freak event, the waters are dredged – revealing a dark, long-held secret.

An old pram is pulled from the depths, with the bones of a baby still strapped inside.

It’s the moment that new mother, Cora, has been dreading since she moved to Slayton – because someone knows, and is going to make her pay.

With the help of forensic anthropologist Sophia Hudson, and the extraordinary young Elliott Carter, Detective Sarah Noble gets to the bottom of a cold case that refuses to stay in the past. Will she survive the secrets of the bone house?

Don’t miss this gripping new thriller from bestselling author Caroline Mitchell, that will have your heart pounding as you say ‘just one more page!’. Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter, Alex North and Stephen King.

The Slayton Thrillers, with Detective Sarah Noble, can be read as standalones, or in any order.

My Thoughts:

I am absolutely loving this series that is set in Slayton. Not a place I would ever want to live as evil seems to lurk around every corner!

Sarah, living in Slayton, is well known and friendly with a lot of the people in the area which isn’t always a good thing with her being a detective. When it comes to Cora, a single mum who owns the local bookshop, being arrested, Sarah is invested maybe more than she should be and at times lets her own experiences in her personal life over cloud her judgement.

With the case against Cora, things are definitely not as clear cut as they seem. The author has you not knowing what to believe as well as throwing in red herrings to put you off the scent. A couple of times I felt clever as I thought I had worked it out only to be completely wrong. Cora’s past is every bit as fascinating as Sarah’s own which made this an even more compelling read.

The Bone House is another engrossing read in the brilliant series by Caroline Mitchell. I love the element of the super natural that is weaved in although it is a lot more low key in this one compared to the others in the series. The levels of suspense has the reader glued to the pages of the book and kept me guessing throughout. The all important conclusion had me gasping in shock with the surprising revelations. This has fast become one of my favourite crime series. A thriller that is guaranteed to chill it’s readers to the bone!

My thanks to Tracy Fenton for inviting me to be part of the blog tour. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

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