Please be aware that I get a lot of requests and will only reply to people on the books that I can commit myself to. If you have not had a reply within 2 days of sending me an email it will more than likely be that I am unable to take on more books at the present time.

**Please note I tend not to read and review dystopian, erotica, sci fi, historical, children’s books and fantasy on my blog. Not that I don’t read some of those genres they just aren’t my preferred choices of genre and I tend to only agree if I have read something by the author previously and have enjoyed.**

***Due to changes in my work life, I am very limited in what books I can take on at present and unfortunately do not have time to reply to all emails. Please keep this in mind if it’s a book that is quite urgent or if you do not receive a reply. ***

One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi Sarah, sorry that (on my last email) the Contact Form made my comment in the web address line, into a link that won’t lead anywhere! I was saying I had no web page yet.


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