Murder Game by Caroline Mitchel #CoverReveal @Caroline_writes @bookouture




To catch a killer, you must first think like one …


A killer is playing a twisted game of life or death with his victims. After he captures them, a countdown begins. He marks the time by sending clues to the whereabouts of the women he has taken in three disturbing images: alive, tortured, dead.    


In a race against the clock, East London Detective Ruby Preston must play the killer’s terrifying murder game and decipher the clues before more women die.


But this isn’t the first time the police have seen such a sickening crime. The notorious Lonely Hearts Killer, Mason Gatley, was put behind bars ten years ago for murdering six women in exactly the same chilling way. Desperate for more information, Ruby asks her gangster boyfriend, Nathan Crosby, to set up a dangerous meeting to allow her to see into the twisted mind of a murderer.

But the closer Ruby grows to the dark and charming Mason Gatley, the more worried her team becomes. Is he really helping her catch the killer? Or is he lining her up to be his next victim?


Fans of Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott and Peter James will be hooked by this dark and utterly disturbing thriller, packed with twists until the final page.





USA Today Bestselling Thriller Author.

Originally from Ireland, Caroline lives with her family, parrot and two dogs in a pretty village on the coast of Essex. A former police detective, Caroline has worked in CID and specialised in roles dealing with vulnerable victims, high-risk victims of domestic abuse, and serious sexual offences. Published by Bookouture and Thomas & Mercer, she now writes full time and all her books have become number 1 best sellers in their categories.

Her fast-paced DC Jennifer Knight thrillers carry a hint of the supernatural and are weaved from Caroline’s personal experiences in the police and paranormal.

Set in Shoreditch, London, her DS Ruby Preston series is described as “terrifying, addictive serial killer thrillers”. 

Caroline also writes psychological thrillers, the most recent, Witness, has been described as “thrilling, tense, exciting, dark and twisted in the best possible way”.

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Connect with Caroline:

Twitter: @Caroline_writes

A Part Of Me by Emma Heatherington #CoverReveal @HarperImpulse @emmalou13


You always think you have more time…

Juliette always thought she’d have more time. But as her fortieth birthday approaches she is dealt the deadliest of blows – she has just weeks to live. As the terrible news sinks in, Juliette’s only concern is for her fifteen-year-old daughter, Rosie. Who will take care of her precious child? Who will love her daughter with the same fierce love? The answer lies in a secret Juliette hoped never to reveal…

Devastated at the loss of her own baby daughter, Shelley is barely managing to survive. Consumed by her grief, she has pushed everyone away – including the man who loves her the most. With her once happy marriage now in tatters, Shelley has nothing left to live for.

But as the lives of these two women collide, could Juliette’s secret be the key to solving Shelley’s heartache? And could Juliette’s death give Shelley one final chance to live again…

Available to pre order from Amazon.


Emma Heatherington is from Donaghmore, Co Tyrone where she lives with her children – Jordyn (20), Jade (15), Dualta (15) Adam (14) and baby Sonny James. She has penned more than fifty short educational films, plays and musicals as well as seven novels for Poolbeg Press, two of which were written under the pseudonym Emma Louise Jordan. 
Her latest signing with Harper Impulse (Harper Collins) saw the re-release of Crazy For You in 2013 and The Legacy of Lucy Harte (Jan 2017) 
She loves spending time with her partner (the talented artist and singer/songwriter Jim McKee) all things Nashville, romantic comedy movies, singalong nights with friends and family, red wine, musical theatre, new pyjamas, fresh clean bedclothes, long bubble baths and cosy nights in by the fire.
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Girl Zero by A. A. Dhand @aadhand


Book Description:

There are some surprises that no-one should ever have to experience. Standing over the body of your beloved – and murdered – niece is one of them. For Detective Inspector Harry Virdee, a man perilously close to the edge, it feels like the beginning of the end.

His boss may be telling him he’s too close to work the case, but this isn’t something that Harry can just let lie. He needs to dive into the murky depths of the Bradford underworld and find the monster that lurks there who killed his flesh and blood.

But before he can, he must tell his brother, Ron, the terrible news. And there is no predicting how he will react. Impulsive, dangerous and alarmingly well connected, Ron will act first and think later. Harry may have a murderer to find but if he isn’t careful, he may also have a murder to prevent.

My Thoughts:

Girl Zero is the second book in the DI Harry Virdee series set in Bradford. There is a lot of history that you need to know about Harry and his family so would suggest reading the books in order to get full enjoyment.

When Tara, Harry’s niece is found murdered, things become very personal for Harry. Understandably he is not allowed to work the case as he is to close to the victim. Obviously we know this won’t stop Harry, he has to find out who murdered his niece and quickly.

Having a brother like Ronnie, Harry is really torn constantly with his role in the police force. His brother is someone who should be locked up with the key thrown away. Even though I wanted to feel sorry for Ronnie that he had lost his daughter, I just couldn’t. He is self obsessed and is more concerned with his power and wealth.

Harry is trying to do things by the book as much as he can even though he shouldn’t be anywhere near the case. The poor guy is constantly having to choose between his family and the job he lives for. You really can’t help but have every empathy for Harry where his family is concerned. Even though I wish he would cut all ties with them in the hope of him and his own wife and child having a less complicated family life, I could get that he wanted their approval and especially have his mother back in his life.

Girl Zero is an enthralling read that I struggled to put down. It is fast paced, gripping and full of thrills. The story line was uncomfortable to read at times due to the nature of the story line but the author handles it extremely well. If you haven’t read the books in this series yet then I highly recommend you do so now.

A gritty and compelling read that is a guaranteed page turner.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Girl Zero is available to purchase from Amazon.



No-one Ever Has Sex on Christmas Day by Tracy Bloom #CoverReveal @bookouture

Delighted this evening to be involved with the cover reveal for No-one Ever Has Sex on Christmas Day by Tracy Bloom. Got to say I’m loving the title as much as the cover 😉


No-one Ever Has Sex on Christmas Day by Tracy Bloom
Out on 24th October but available to pre-order now:
Don’t you always plan the perfect Christmas?
Don’t you always think it will be the best one ever?
And doesn’t something – usually one of your loved ones – always come along and screw it up?
Katy’s been spending too much time in the office and not enough time with her family so she wants it all: snow (fake or real), the Michael Bublé Christmas album, whatever it takes.
There’s only one thing missing as far as her husband Ben is concerned: another baby to complete their family. Katy isn’t so sure…
Ben may be playing the role of Master Elf in the pre-school nativity but he is struggling to master his own family life. With romantically-challenged friends, an ex who refuses to go away and Katy’s mum’s 65-year-old toy boy thrown into the mix, Christmas looks like it could be going off the rails… Never mind family planning, can Katy and Ben even plan to make it to the end of Christmas Day?
From the no. 1 bestselling author of No-one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday, this book will make you cry with laughter, and then book your flights abroad for the festive season.

Double Jeopardy by M A Comley #BlogTour @Melcom1 @Bloodhoundbook



Book Description:

Successful entrepreneur, Ross Spalding, has everything to live for; a thriving business, a stunning new home, and a high society wedding to his beautiful fiancée to look forward to in the coming months. That is, until his life comes to an abrupt, gruesome end.

DI Hero Nelson and his team need to dig deep to find the reasons behind someone wanting Ross Spalding dead. As more people connected to Ross also die, some in suspicious circumstances, the suspect list grows beyond all expectations, until a major clue presents itself and spins the investigation off in a totally new direction.

However, Hero’s personal life is also dealt a major blow when his parents are faced with a life or death situation. He is forced to put his personal problems aside when the murderers are revealed and Hero is faced with a tight deadline in which to apprehend them.

BLOG TOUR (2).png


My Thoughts:

Double Jeopardy is the fourth book in the Hero crime series. This book is very easy to read as a stand alone so don’t worry if you haven’t read any of the others first before reading this one.

The story starts with a gripping prologue that had me desperate for more. I wanted to know as much as the police why a successful business man could be brutally murdered and to who could perform such an evil act. I was certain I knew at the beginning who was behind it only to find out later on I had got it totally wrong.

Not only does Hero have a tough case to try and crack, we get more of an insight into his personal life which I loved. It just makes the characters more human as we get to see Hero’s life away from work and to what his family life is like. Luckily for Hero he has a loving family background but himself and his family are about to be knocked sideways.

This was another read that as soon as I picked it up I couldn’t put it down until the very end. There is plenty going on to have the reader racing through the pages to what I can only say was quite an emotional ending. An enthralling read that had me devour it in one sitting and left me desperate for more.

My thanks to Bloodhound Books for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

Double Jeopardy is available to purchase from Amazon.

unnamed (6)

Author Bio:

Thank you for hosting me, here’s a little about me for your readers.

I’m a New York Times, USA Today, Amazon Top 20 bestselling author, iBooks top 5 bestselling and #2 bestselling author on Barnes and Noble. So far, I’ve sold over one and a quarter million copies sold world wide. I am a British author who moved to France in 2002, and that’s when I turned my hobby into a career. In February 2016 I returned to the UK and now live in beautiful South Wales with the Brecon Beacons as an inspirational backdrop. I share my home with my beautiful rescue Labrador, Dex, who is the most intelligent dog we’ve ever owned, but it also means he’s a little wilful at times too.

I started writing the Justice series in 2006 and released the first book in the series Cruel Justice in 2010, there are now 14 books and several novellas and short stories available in this bestselling series. To date I have written 30 novels and several novellas and short stories across
series. I have also co-authored a few books with NY Times bestselling author Linda Prather and the talented Tara Lyons.

My latest release, Double Jeopardy has been published by my wonderful publishers Bloodhound Books, you can sign up to their website HERE where they often have free books available for readers.

I hope you enjoy my books.

You can find out more about me here:

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The Trouble With Words by Suzie Tullett #BlogTour @bombshellpub @SuzieTullett

Trouble 5

Book Description:

Annabel is desperate to have a baby – there’s just one problem. She’s single, and after losing her husband in a hit and run accident she’s just not ready for a relationship. 

Dan is on the hunt for the perfect woman – but when his mother drops a bombshell, he starts to feel the pressure.

When Dan and Annabel’s worlds collide, both think that maybe they’ve found the solution to their problems…but things start to get messy.

Can both Dan and Annabel get what they want?

Both will soon find out that the trouble with words is finding the right thing to say.

BLOG TOUR (8).png

My Thoughts:

Oh My! What an absolutely wonderful novel The Trouble With Words is.

There really is nothing I can find fault with in this novel. Not that I would go into a novel looking for faults but it just ticked every box for me. I absolutely loved it. From the story line to the characters, it really is just perfect.

You are probably going to see the word, love, quite often in this review as I just loved everything about it. The characters I just loved but mainly Annabel, Dan and his mum.

Annabel my heart went out to. She is still a young woman with everything to live for but has lost her soul mate and rushes into thinking a baby is the answer to solve all her problems.

Along comes Dan who Annabel decides is a worthy sperm donor. Dan is just soooooooo lovely. If I was to have a book crush on a character it would be Dan. He is sweet, adorable and I just loved him to bits. Dan’s relationship with his mother is just the sweetest thing you will ever read. I wasn’t sure whether I should think it weird that a grown man was still living at home with his mother but do you know what who cares, as if anything for me, getting older and having two teenagers, one being a boy, it filled me full of hope that my children wouldn’t just fly the nest and forget all about me.

Dan’s mum brings so much to this story. I don’t want to go into the story line to much as the less said the better but I was filled with so many emotions and it’s just one of the stories that when I got to the end I felt a gaping void as I didn’t want to leave the characters behind. I wanted them to stay with me always.

The Trouble With Words is without a doubt one of my favourite reads of 2017, I just loved it so much. It is a bitter sweet read that had me a blubbering wreck by the end. It may be the end of the book but I know that those three characters will remain in my heart for a good while to come. If you just read one book this year, then please let it be this one.

My thanks to Bombshell Books for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 5/5 stars.

The Trouble With Words is available to purchase from Amazon.


Author Bio:

Suzie Tullett is an author of contemporary humorous fiction and romantic comedy. She has a Masters Degree in Television & Radio Scriptwriting and worked as a scriptwriter before becoming a full-time novelist. Her motto is to ‘live, laugh, love’ and when she’s not busy creating her own literary masterpieces, she usually has her head in someone else’s.

Suzie lives in a tiny hamlet in the middle of the French countryside, along with her husband and two Greek rescue dogs.
My Facebook Author page

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A Mind To Kill By John Nicholl @nicholl06


Book Description:

The hunters become the hunted…

When Rebecca’s childhood abuser avoids prosecution, it sets her on a path to revenge, revenge on any man who preys on the innocent.

Twenty-three-year-old Rebecca poses as a child online and sets her trap, luring one predatory sex offender after another to their deaths.

When a severed head is found washed up on a windswept estuary beach, the police begin their investigation.

The internationally bestselling author of White is the Coldest Colour is back with a heart-racing, electrifying psychological thriller packed with suspense.

Brilliantly gripping, A Mind To Kill will have you hooked from the very first page and holding your breath to the heart-stopping and shocking ending.

My Thoughts:

I have read all of this authors books and he certainly knows how to create a dark and disturbing read.

Due to the nature of the story, I am not going to lie, it does make for some uncomfortable and upsetting reading. I think if you are a fairly hardened crime/thriller reader though you will be fine. The author only ever gives enough so that you can feel the full horror of how these sexual predator monsters work.

Rebecca I was quite torn with how I felt about her. I had absolute empathy for what she had gone through as a child and could totally get how what that monster had done to her had changed her and her parents lives for ever. I even got why she would want revenge on these type of people and it is certainly the least they deserved, mentally though Rebecca is extremely damaged. She is literally existing and I couldn’t help being very worried about her as well as saddened with what she was doing. I didn’t like the way she treat her mother and how she held everyone accountable for what had happened. She is one very mixed up young lady and I just wanted to reach out to her and take her pain away.

DI Gareth Gravel or Grav for short I really liked. He is your stereo typical detective with demons that he is trying to overcome. He is a bit of a tyrant but one I think that his colleagues to a certain extent respect. Though very begrudgingly.

A Mind To Kill is a dark and disturbing read that isn’t for the faint hearted. It will certainly chill you to the bone with how these monsters prey on their young victims. Without a doubt though it is a page turner of a read that fans of this author will certainly devour.

My thanks to the author for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway.

Goodreads rating 4/5 stars

A Mind To Kill is out on the 5th of August and available to pre order on Amazon.