Review Policy

I am more than happy to read and review books for authors and publishers. If you wish for me to read and review a book please contact me by filling in the details on the contact page.

When accepting a book to read and review on my blog, I will try and stick to the time guide I give in my reply to your email. Please do not be offended if I turn down your request as it may be that it isn’t a genre I enjoy or more than likely it will be because I already have my quota of books and am unable at that time to take on any more.

Authors and publishers are welcome to use quotes from my review of their book only with prior consent and the blogs name must always appear along side it.

***Due to changes in my work life, I am very limited in what books I can take on at present and unfortunately do not have time to reply to all emails. Please keep this in mind if it’s a book that is quite urgent or if you do not receive a reply. ***